Thursday, July 6, 2017

South Korea

South Korea
South Korea is in the continent of Asia.South Korea is surrounded by North Korea, Japan, China.The capital of South Korea is Seoul.

People and Places
The population in South Korea is 76.million.South Korea has a Prime Minster named Hwan Kyo-ahn they also have President named Moo jae-in. Famous people are Tiffany, Lee Byung-hunm, Song Hye -Kyo, Soon-yi Previn ,Lee-tea-Hwan.
Famous landmarks in South Koreaare the N Seoul Tower ,Gyeongbokgung,Cangdeokgung and Seoraksan-National Park.

Land and climate
South Koreas mountain covers up to 70% of South Korea .Winter is usually cold and dry and summers are very shot and hot.

Life style 
Holidays in South Korea are Children's day (May 5th) New Year (January 1st) Seoll (January 27-29) Independence Movement Day(March 1st)  Bubbha's birthday(May 3) and Memorial Day (June 6th).Some of the main food in are Kimchi,Fermented Vegetable,Bipimbap mixed Rice,Bulgogi Mairinated beef Barbecue,Japchae Stir fried Noodles ,Heoddeok Sweet Syrupy pancacks and Ddubbokkie Spicy rice cake.         

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